Randomly Sunday

There’s a bit of a Charlotte emphasis today for some reason.

  • Why Eastland Mall went from bustling to bust
    Wednesday is the last day for what used to be “my mall” in Charlotte. I worked across the street from it for three years, it was the place where I did much of my shopping when I lived in Charlotte in the 1980s, an it was even the site of a few moments I’m not going to discuss at length here (user your imagination). But now it’s closing. And that’s sad because like it or not, it’s a part of Charlotte history and a part of my history. And no matter what the new owner does with it, I have a feeling the neighborhood is not likely to recover soon.
  • City Critic: No Smoking, Please. Or More. We Can’t Decide
    This is precisely why I have so much problem with the idea of punishing smokers through exorbitant taxes. While I’m no fan of the demon weed, having been an addict for more than two decades before giving it up in 2003, I’m a bit skeptical of states that use a tax to discourage people from using a product while simultaneously depending on revenue from people who do use it. I’m sorry, but that’s just plain madness.
  • ‘Jesus Saves’ sign saved by demo team
    You don’t often read about Charlotte being at the forefront of historic preservation. That’s all I’m sayin’.
  • Beloved owner of Gus’ Sir Beef restaurant has died
    Who will mind the farm now?
  • USB Typewriter Will Make Your iPad Feel Ancient
    Me want, even though I just got an iPad this week too.

One thought on “Randomly Sunday

  1. I read the story on the mall. It reminds me of what Parkwood Mall, now Wilson Mall is going through right now. It’s saving grace right now is the movie theater, which they just added a few years ago. If wasn’t for that, that place would be a ghost. As with Eastland, the places to go are further away just beyond the mall itself.

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