The good news

A week or so back I mentioned some good work news. Since the announcement was officially made yesterday, I guess I can brag about it here now so…

I got my grant. The one I was working on back in January and February. You know: the $200K grant with the 106-page application (a real page-turner, it was). As a result, my group will be digitizing many thousands of documents, photos, and other materials related to local history around the turn-of-the-century. We’re the lead institution, collaborating with four other libraries and a museum, which frankly was no small thing to organize.

I’m really excited about it. This is pretty much the specific reason I pursued the career path I did. And…well…it sort of makes me look good career-wise, too. A nice thing to have in the old tenure package, after all.

I may have ice cream to celebrate. Come to think if it, I may have ice cream just for the hell of it…

5 thoughts on “The good news

  1. Sorry I’m a couple of days late…..but HOOOORAAAAAY! So terrific! So proud of you, my friend! A job well done. Celebrate a lot!

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