Would I like bacon with that?

Had my annual physical today. I’m amazingly healthy considering what shitty care I take of myself. But imagine my surprise when the doctor told me specifically to eat more meat (including red meat), cheese, and eggs along with vegetables, nuts, and berries. When presented with a low fat option, I am supposed to choose the high octane version instead. Seriously. He wants me to eat more meat and more fat. That will actually be kind of hard for me because I already eat more than my share.

The less surprising tradeoff is that I am also supposed to cut way down on the carbs and eat fruit only in moderation. And to lose weight. This is evidently related to my freakishly low cholesterol and my slightly high blood sugar.

I apparently have pretty good genes and if I’d eaten better and exercised more over the past forty-eight years, I’d probably be in rather good shape now.

On other fronts:

  • I  got my first flu shot ever this morning and my arm hurts like hell.
  • I just finished editing the last US Tour 1997 commemorative video clip and I am much relieved. You can enjoy (or ignore) them for another week and a half, but I’m done.
  • By the time I finally get to leave on my October vacation, wherever that may be, it’s going to take me two days just to wind down from work. I can’t remember when I’ve been quite so overloaded. And it’s mostly of my own making.
  • Time for some bacon-wrapped cheese or something now.