Life is too short

Really. Life is too short…

  • to deal with people who don’t make you happy if there’s no real reason to do so.
  • to spend it being perpetually outraged and/or angry..
  • to be apprehensive about doing things by yourself.
  • to eat at Applebee’s.
  • to watch stupid reality shows (including the RNC).
  • to listen to the Eagles. Or Nickelback. Or Kid Fucking Rock.
  • to have the cheap swill rather than the extra-bitter IPA.
  • to have too much of either after you hit a certain age.
  • to sleep in a bed that’s too small for you.
  • not to turn the AC down to a comfortable temperature.
  • not to mute some of your friends on social media during the RNC.
  • not to have the baba ghanoush, even if you’re eating alone and ordered a really hefty entrée too.

This is just today’s list. Additional thoughts welcome in the comments


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