Otherstream at 26

Having arrived today at its 26th birthday, this site has now lasted more than twice as long as my relationship with the city it was originally about. To say that it has changed my life would be a tremendous understatement. To say that it’s as big a part of my life as it once was would be a tremendous overstatement.

In that spirit of laziness, feel free to look at older retrospective (and often self-indulgent) tributes as I cannot be bothered to create a  new one this week:

One thought on “Otherstream at 26

  1. Whoa. I’ve been following off/on since 2002! I found Planet Soma after doing a search for “Portland sucks”, as I was fed up with living in Portland at the time. I think it was this post that I came across: https://www.otherstream.com/1997/03/23/portland-2/. I’m in awe of your nearly 3 decades of consistent blogging and starting before blogging was even a word!

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