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If you’re reading this on your phone, you’re probably having a much easier time of it today. Assuming, that is, that you’re one of those two or three people who still bother at all.

I’m curious about whether most of the “regulars” keep up by RSS feed (using Google Reader, live bookmarks, or whatever) or by just dropping in from time to time. I can’t imagine doing it the old-fashioned way anymore, but I know some people still do. Anyone care to comment?

Randomly Friday

Company asleep at home  in the guest room, me sitting in my new office (I love my job), and I’ve just awakened my husband at 6AM PST because I got distracted and wasn’t paying attention to the fact that I was in “Recent Calls” rather than “Voicemail.” I think that all sends a pretty mixed message about how my Friday will play out.

So do my links:

A Little More Rubbing Alcohol, Please…

A sign of the times: Now it’s R.I.P. for JFG:

“Charlotte is a place that seems to have systematically removed any evidence it existed more than 15 minutes ago,” he said Sunday after learning the sign was coming down. “It’s good to keep some old things around to remind us how people have worked to create a city.”

Hanchett, by the way, is author of this book, one of the best books on southern urban history I’ve ever read. And he’s exactly right; this is just the latest predictable step in Charlotte’s seemingly endless quest to become the most bland and sterile city in the entire southeastern United States.

Maybe Next Time They Should Just Use Duct Tape

Stress testing begins on Bay Bridge

The new fix isn’t a vast departure from the original design; rather, it includes modifications designed to keep the brace from jiggling around. On Saturday, crews ground the sides of metal holes designed for large nuts that stabilize the original repair. They installed the nuts, checked the alignment, then removed them again to make further adjustments, Ney said.

If the newest repair should break, officials said, pieces of metal have been attached to the bridge to keep the patch from falling.

Videolog: Never Surrender

Corey Hart
Never Surrender (1985)

I’m including this here not because I particularly like the song (I really don’t) nor even because Corey wore jeans very well (he really did), but because I was amazed at how I caught one shot out of the corner of my eye yesterday on VH-1 Classic and instantly knew that this video was filmed in Toronto. Isn’t it cute how Toronto and I are building a relationship that way?

Sunday Morning

The surest way to get me to be domestic on a Sunday morning is to assign me a paper that has to be completed that day. I’ll do damned near anything–from vacuuming to laundry to mass production of next week’s lunches–to avoid getting started on it.

That said, I’m only two and two thirds papers and one final away from graduation.