Videolog: Never Surrender

Corey Hart
Never Surrender (1985)

I’m including this here not because I particularly like the song (I really don’t) nor even because Corey wore jeans very well (he really did), but because I was amazed at how I caught one shot out of the corner of my eye yesterday on VH-1 Classic and instantly knew that this video was filmed in Toronto. Isn’t it cute how Toronto and I are building a relationship that way?

Sunday Morning

The surest way to get me to be domestic on a Sunday morning is to assign me a paper that has to be completed that day. I’ll do damned near anything–from vacuuming to laundry to mass production of next week’s lunches–to avoid getting started on it.

That said, I’m only two and two thirds papers and one final away from graduation.

Anniversary Denny’s

Every year, on the occasion of the anniversary of our first date (during which we had dinner at the Denny’s on Blackstone Avenue in Fresno), Mark and I invade some unsuspecting branch of the chain for a tradition we call “Anniversary Denny’s”. There’s usually a photo involved, although there was none that first night in 2001, and I can’t seem to find one from 2003, either. Last year’s was special, if depressing; we were o different coasts, so we sent each other solo shots from our respective Denny’s.

Anyway, here’s the whole set to date:


2009: Greentree Road, Pittsburgh PA.

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Like it’s 1991…

My disorienting moment of the morning involved watching a sexual harassment video where everyone was dressed like cast members from Saved by the Bell inside a building at UNCG I hadn’t entered in eighteen years, and then hearing Jump by Kriss Kross blaring from someone’s car when I walked outside.

It almost made me want a beer and a cigarette.

Chez Double Indemnity


Interesting piece from today’s LA Times on the current status of the house from Double Indemnity. The interior of the house was copied fairly faithfully on a  soundstage, while (I assume) the real house was used for some of the exteriors.

The Daily Mirror has additional info.