Geographically challenged 211 in progress

I regularly watch 1970s cop shows filmed on location (usually in LA or sometimes San Francisco) with iPad in hand, looking for current views of the locations on Google Street View. I know. I’m a big geek who has no life. We’ve already established that fact.

Sometimes, though, the geography on these shows is out of whack that it makes me laugh out loud. Even worse than a Streets of San Francisco where they make up streets that don’t really exist (e.g. Embarcadero Center being located on something called “Saint Andrews Road”) is the way some shows have used real street names with no regard to their actual locations. Tonight I caught a scene from Adam-12 that was allegedly taking place on Ventura, between Olympic and Washington, west of Melrose. I challenge anyone who’s familiar with LA to locate that particular bit of real estate on a map. It’s kind of like saying Detroit is on the Georgia side of Massachusetts, near Phoenix.

I realize that this probably amuses me more than you. I do not care.

Sucky Saturday night

Deferred automotive maintenance: Done.

Household chores and catch-up: Done.

Fifty pounds of paintings shipped to my former in-laws: Done.

First of many loads taken to Goodwill: Done.

Telling my dad to please stop calling me because I’m already in a lousy enough frame of mind myself tonight and can’t really handle being his support system too right now: Not done.

Sucky Saturday afternoon

Today is my day for completing particularly onerous tasks of my own that I’ve been putting off for the past few months while I worked on other onerous tasks for work and my parents. I hope to finish up soon so I can resume onerous tasks for my parents.

But at least the McRib is back. Too bad I’m not supposed to eat one. I may cheat.

Basement Sunday

On this, my first actual weekend in quite a few weeks, I’m moving data from the dead G5 to one of the many external drives that populate the basement, particularly after the ex sent me a few extra ones several weeks back. Most of this is not really irreplaceable stuff, but it is stuff that would require a lot of work to replace, so I’m glad I’ve got a couple of cheap HDD enclosures handy so I can grab it all without too much trouble.

I’ll probably be investing in one of the new 27-inch iMacs when they ship in a couple of weeks. Having used an early 2005 G5 for six years followed by another year and a half on a late 2005 iMac, I think it’s really time for an upgrade. It’s also amazing how well Apple hardware lasts (I was still editing video on the G5 till the bitter end) but that’s a subject for a different day.

Getting all this stuff off the G5 will also allow me to proceed with the home video project, which has been sort of stuck in neutral for a few months.