4 thoughts on “On the radio

  1. That was great. And in case you didn’t know, there are no national chains in the Kansas City area….don’t ya love it when people state the fact you just stated

  2. Great job! Really enjoyed the interview.

    Here in northern New Jersey, the A&Ps are really struggling. I have one around the corner from my house, but I find it expensive. ShopRite is a bit further down the road the prices are much lower.

  3. Thanks for the link & congrats on the interview!

    Only slightly appropos is that it was announced that a PriceChopper will be built in my depressed, depressing, no-jobs-now-that-all-the-furniture-factories-have-closed hometown in north central Massachusetts. It will be joining a Hannaford & a renovated, but increasingly deserted (high prices?) Stop & Shop.

  4. I’ve done lots of interviews but I didn’t quite know how to approach this one. My thing is supermarket HISTORY, which was all I was really supposed to talk about. The idea was that it would be a “past, present, and future” panel with me doing the past. But I ended up being the only one…

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