San Diego to Thousand Oaks

We covered an awful lot of ground today, pretty much all of San Diego County (which is about the size of some New England states).


We started by eating breakfast (and watching cute butts in wetsuits) in Ocean Beach. The beach cities around San Diego look much more like beaches are supposed to than the ones in Northern California. And the boywatching is superb.


We drove north on old Highway 101 (which his been officially decomissioned south of LA) through La Jolla and Encintas and Carlsbad, and into Oceanside.

Loved Oceanside. I want to live there and eat only in diners from the 1950s, while having sex with skate rats every night. This probably isn’t going to happen. But I did get to stop at the tiki store…


We kept going, to Escondido and Ramona and Julian, and then back into San Diego via El Cajon and La Mesa. I got another tour down El Cajon Boulevard (always a wonderful thing) and probably my last cheap gas of the trip.

And then I departed for points north. I’d orginally planned to spend the night in either Long Beach or Van Nuys, but after annoying rain, annoyoung exits on the 405 which lacked cheap motels, and general crankiness, I ended up sleeping just south of Ventura in Thousand Oaks.

And damn, did I sleep…