Long, strangely busy week and I’m now in the midst of a new project which may stave off eviction and starvation for another month or so. And no, this is not the “better journal entry” I promised a couple of days ago. I also make no promises that there will be any improvement for several more days. Sorry…


Things I love today:

  • Him, with or without a currently functional website.
  • My big new TV.
  • The new Radio Shack signal amplifier which has finally made my cable worth watching on the aforementioned big new TV.
  • Designing websites while listening to KABL on my 1963 clock radio with glow control. High tech meets low tech, y’know?
  • The likelihood that I will soon be revisiting the northwest after a five year absence.

Things I hate today:

  • Moving my car on street cleaning night.
  • My (I assume) medication-induced bloodshot right eyeball.
  • People who, when confronted with the fact that they’re in the wrong lane, decide the proper approach is to come to a grinding halt and hold up everyone behind them until they can move to the correct one.
  • Verio, for fucking over another friend.
  • The fact that my local Simpsons rerun station hasn’t run a pre-1999 meltdown episode in months.

It’s time for bed…