No more “Big B”

Belk used to refer to its old logo as the “Big B” back when it was first unveiled in the late 1960s. The old logo was actually the first logo ever adopted by the company chain-wide, thanks to its loose corporate structure. And it was one of the first things I learned how to draw.

The new logo, alas, looks cheap and tacky. It is in no way big, attractive, nor anything that I would ever want to draw.

It will not, however, stop me from shopping at Belk. I stopped doing that years ago when I gave up malls in general.

3 thoughts on “No more “Big B”

  1. Belk lost me when they decided they needed to move out of Chapel Hill. It’s too much of a pain to get to the store in west Durham. Not that I’m doing much besides grocery shopping these days, but one Belk store or another used to be my go-to places.

    And I don’t like the new logo.

  2. Belk’s new logo reminds me of “women’s products” from the seventies (think douche)….it’s cheap and tacky. They blew it.

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