His name was Earl


When I was five or six years old, I loved Julia. Aspire TV is running it right now and I caught a couple of episodes this week. It reminded me that my first TV crush might have been on Earl J. Waggedorn, Corey’s best friend (left, with cereal bowl haircut). In retrospect, though, I now realize it wasn’t so much that I had a crush on him, but that I had a crush on his name.

One of these days, I’m going to show up on Facebook or Twitter as Earl J. Waggedorn. Watch for it.

Your happy shopping store

Greensboro Daily News, 20 October 1974

On 7 February 1975, Belk opened its new 160,000 square foot department store in Greensboro’s Four Seasons Mall (now Four Seasons Town Centre). On opening day, the full-line department store featured not only the standard clothing and housewares departments, but also a “Sight and Sound” electronics department, a books and records department, a fabric and crafts section, a candy counter, and a Swiss Colony outlet. Continue reading

Mmmm. Travel…


Because it’s more fun than thinking about the slightly depressing Mom-related thing I just finished doing, i will now think about travel.

I decided last night that I’m going to New York for Spring Break. It’s been more than a year, so it is way past time. It’s still relatively inexpensive in early March–although not as cheap as in January–and the climatological odds are more in my favor. So yeah. New York. I may run into streamlined ska librarians, craft beer bars in Jersey, and klav kalash with all the trimmings. It’ll be fun. Maybe I’ll actually get the pictures from last year’s trip posted before I go.

And I found out today that I have to be in the Bay Area the last week in June to present at the RBMS Pre-Conference in Oakland that’s held just before ALA. I’m not wild about the destination, but I’m planning to do what I need to do in SF and environs and then get the hell out of there and head for either Los Angeles or Seattle. This should be shortly after I submit my tenure portfolio, so I imagine I will be very much in need of a significant vacation at that point.

I also might drive down to Charlotte to go to IKEA and hit some thrift stores tomorrow but that’s not nearly as exciting, I guess…

Old enough to drink in Canada

The little websites that could but rarely do anymore™ turn 19 today.

A lot of the small updates have moved over to Twitter and the larger, more thoughtful updates seem to be in a holding pattern right now, but you never know what that coming year might bring.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who have hung around this long. I still think it’s been a pretty entertaining ride.

Hooking up

Two thoughts upon reading this article:

  1. Joel Simkhai seems like a completely vapid little wanker, with whom I would never want to have dinner or a conversation. I imagine he would most likely prefer to skip any potential encounter with me as well. I’m really okay with that.
  2. Given Grindr as one’s only hookup option, celibacy starts looking really attractive.

To start, let’s make it clear that I have no problem with hookups. That would be pretty hypocritical on my part given that it used to be one of my primary hobbies. I also don’t have a problem with meeting people online. I met many of my best friends, random sex partners, and even my ex-husband online. But I met most of those people because of words not in spite of them.

I’m just not ready to be a product that can be ordered from a database, I guess, and my hesitation is only partly due to my fear that no one would choose me.


Every once in a while, I check to see what my old hovel might rent for now that San Francisco has moved one step beyond into the era of super, cartoonishly ridiculous rents. Apparently, a unit in my old building (they were all pretty much identical) was on the market just last month for the princely sum of $3200/month.


If you’ve ever visited the place, you understand just how laughably insane I find that number.  In 1992, I thought it was a little overpriced even for San Francisco at the time, at $800. When I moved out in 2005, rent control had limited the increase to about $935. At the going rate of inflation in the US, it should be renting now for around $1400.

But no.


I rather liked my old landlord and I’m glad he’s raking in the money. I imagine there have been some renovations since I left.

But damn.


Maybe I should’ve bought property there. It’s not like I’d have to live in it or anything.

Whole lotta Canada onstage


Sloan at Cat’s Cradle Backroom. This makes up for not getting to see them last year in Toronto. This was actually better (and much cheaper) because it was a small club. Great show with many fewer annoying 19-year-olds than at most shows in Chapel Hill. And my minor crush on Chris Murphy continues stronger than ever now that we’ve been just fifteen or twenty feet from each other. Sigh…