The road

Jeez, how much do I love this woman:

Well, they were wrong, again.  Around noon, the clouds rolled in for good.  Some sprinkles in the afternoon that made me think about packing it in, finding a motel, and sleeping for about 12 hours.  But I toughed it out.  I convinced myself that I’m out here as a documenter not an art photographer.  I need to record what’s still here since half of it might be gone by the next trip.  So, I continued, taking more photos than any other day of the trip so far.  Grey ones.  A depressing amount of “reshoot in sun” notes on my list from today.

I’ve been keeping up with her for years, but for some reason, her most recent trip has really inspired me to get my ass back on the road again, where it belongs and where it hasn’t been nearly enough in recent years.

And soon, dammit…

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