Rough itinerary for next month’s trip west:

Thursday 21 June – Tuesday 26 June: Anaheim for the ALA Annual Conference. My presentation is Sunday at 8AM, for those who care. I’ll probably be roaming around Orange County and environs some too.

Tuesday 26 June – Thursday 28 June: I may spend a couple of days in San Diego. I haven’t decided for sure.

Thursday 28 June – Tuesday 2 July: LA proper. Actually, I’ll probably be staying in Pasadena.

A week-plus of exploring and taking pictures. I do so love LA. There’s really no place quite like it. I’m up for the odd lunch or dinner meet-up if anyone’s interested, although I have to admit that I’m not sure how many people I still know in the Southland.

2 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. Here’s something I would love to do because it would kill two of my birds with one stone. Should you be so inclined – you have the opportunity.

    On June 24th, Glen Campbell, on his farewell tour, will play the Hollywood Bowl.

    I dare you to go.

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