Randomly Monday

This one definitely gets the “coolest abandoned house we saw in a microscopic North Carolina town this weekend” award. I crave it. It’s sagging in many of the same places I am, so I feel a certain kinship. Mark was home for the weekend, which is an increasingly rare treat these days. Until you don’t have the opportunity to do it on a regular basis, you forget how nice it is just to sit around watching TV and sitting on the living room floor playing with your toys with the boy you love. This nightmare commute is going to have to end soon, because I won’t be able to stand to seeing him (or me) so miserable for very much longer. More random Monday stuff:

  • Notice that the old journal entries are migrated into WordPress as far back as August 2002 now. I haven’t worked on this project for a week or so because life has been so hectic, but I envision a few free minutes on Tuesday in which I might tackle some of the older stuff.
  • Spent a few hours in Asheville on Saturday. I was sort of surprised when Mark suggested it, seeing as how he’s not a fan of the place. Maybe he wanted to give it a second chance. If so, it didn’t work. He’s right, though. It’s a pretty place and all, but it’s annoying as hell.
  • Sorry. We might have stopped by, but we thought you were still hurricane-watching in Houston.
  • Just out of curiosity, has anyone out there used iWork? Any thoughts on the spreadsheet application?
  • Off to one of my five jobs now. And that means off to Greensboro for the second time today.

5 thoughts on “Randomly Monday

  1. I happened upon your page doing a google image search for abandoned places in NC. What town was this in? Asheville? Do you remember exactly where? I live in NC and think I’ve passed it once and it’s driving me nuts! So beautiful. Please email me at pumpkindreamer87@yahoo.com. I’d be really grateful. Thank you! :c)

  2. It’s somewhere between Valdese and Marion NC, maybe Glen Alpine based on where it fits in my photo sequence.

  3. Oh, dear, not a fan of Asheville? I will have to read…back to 8/2002? to determine the why’s! Love the elderly statesmen of a house, wonder about the family that built it and lived there, back in its prime!

  4. It’s in Glen Alpine. It is currently for sale for $120k. At least it is supposedly for sale.

    $120k is pretty steep for the area and for the condition of the house.

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