It’s nice having heat again.

And a big “fuck you” to the guy I called first, who came on Friday, said he had to go back to his shop for some information, and then more or less never called me back, leaving me with no heat for four days. Yesterday, after one last effort to get him to pull his head out of his ass, I gave up and called someone else. I’m just waiting to see if the first guy has the audacity to call back now (or to send me a bill for his “house call”). Guess the economy’s in pretty good shape if he can afford to piss off potential long term clients that way.

The sad thing is that I’m largely starting to expect “no discernible customer service at all” as the default in most situations.

2 thoughts on “Warm

  1. How did you end up finding these guys? While it’s no guarantee, I have found my best luck in finding service providers when I have asked neighbors on one of my neighborhood yahoo groups. I’ve also had some luck at kudzu.com (reading through the reviews). Glad you’ve got heat again.

  2. The first guy (a/k/a the asshole) was a recommendation from the really good people who do our AC maintenance. The ones who actually fixed it were the people who had installed the boiler in the first place; I called them because I’d found the warranty card by that point.

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