4 thoughts on “Grooviest. DMV Office. Ever.

  1. Both great form and function. Why can’t they make signs as beautiful anymore?

  2. You know, this actually looks like the remnant of an old Kentucky Fried Chicken sign. There’s a little stub for a bucket at the top…

  3. Maybe. I can’t really remember the actual building, although KFCs that would be old enough to have sign like this didn’t really follow a standard building type anyway.

    I really like the idea of a license bureau, lounge, and caterer all under one roof, though.

  4. I just happened to have this image locked in my mind. It’s exactly alike:

    Funnily enough, the local DMV office where I live happens to be located right next door to an operational (albeit remodeled) KFC that dates from this era.

    Hope you don’t mind me lurking in your personal weblog. I can’t resist reading it from time to time…

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