A Sunday night in Cleveland


Some random thoughts before I hit the road tomorrow (specifics about Cleveland and what I was pondering beside Lake Erie will come later):

  • Freshly-buzzed head + very sunny day + too much walking = OUCH.
  • I don’t think I could ever live on the West Coast again. I like Eastern cities too much, particularly that there are so many of them to explore and all of them are so very close.
  • I should do more long weekends like I used to, and not just hold off for big trips.
  • Going to a regional conference that’s in a different region than the one where you live and work is a very good idea because it forces you not to just sit around talking to colleagues you already know.

One thought on “A Sunday night in Cleveland

  1. One of my great joys is walking up to tables at library conferences that you KNOW are just folks from one company/institution and sliding my chair right in. The initial look of terror on their faces is priceless, but I also like to think I have sparked a movement.

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