Would this be a good idea?

I don’t generally ask for content opinions since I’ve always stressed that I am the primary audience for this website.


I’m thinking of celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the famed Planet SOMA US Tour of 1997 by posting the actual video footage from that trip. Is there any interest? You’d see a much younger me carrying Mark’s Powerbook around the country, visiting random strangers, touring Route 66, and generally having fun with what was really one of the very early online road trips back in the semi-virginal days of the internet (when this site, strangely enough, actually had a much bigger audience).

I ask for this opinion because this really would be an audience-driven thing. I can watch this shit whenever I want to. I don’t particularly want to go to all the effort if no one else cares.

Opinions are solicited.

7 thoughts on “Would this be a good idea?

  1. I’d like to see it. One of the signs of old age – it took me a good 45 seconds to remember where I lived in 1997.

  2. I think some of it would be fun to watch. Amazing how much the world has changed in 15 years.

  3. I’m definitely interested. It would be fun to see a new perspective on what you wrote about back then.

  4. You carried my PowerBook? God I must be old. That memory is lost in the haze and I can’t even blame alcohol.

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