4 thoughts on “If Anyone Needs a House in Winston-Salem…

  1. No, it’s just that I’m tired of commuting 30 miles each way every day. We’re looking to downsize a bit and move closer to my job.

  2. Closer to your new job? Please say it’s in Durham or Chapel Hill. Wanna move to Bore-lington? I know of a great 1950’s brick 3 bedroom with a newly renovated bath and sugar shack at the end of the drive way in a very old, nice, quiet neighborhood. I just painted the shutters black…please…purty please won’t you buy my house so I can get outta’ there? please? (imagine Tonya Harding wanting to start her routine over because of a broken skate lace) please…please?

  3. Kevin: Alas, the new job is in Greensboro, so you’re still stuck with your house. Wish I could help. But it will be easier for you to visit if I’m in G’boro, right?

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